Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yum Yum Indeed! - Yum Yum Thai on Nacogdoches

Yum Yum Thai
13777 Nacogdoches
Ste 101
San Antonio, TX
Price Range - inexpensive
Indoor seating only, no television
Music is Asian, played at a moderate level, good for conversation.  Great place for a casual date.
Atmosphere: Very nice, tastefully decorated
Service: Excellent
Value: Incredible.  High quality meals for very reasonable prices, good sized servings.
Overall: 5/5 stars.

She said:
This is one of our regular places to eat.  We go here fairly often in the rotation, so obviously we like it well enough that it is going to be somewhere we go again and again.

Our good friends initially recommended this restaurant, and so we gave it a try.  Oh my goodness.  After the first trip, we kept returning.  We often went to Thai Chalurn on Walzem (and we still do...) but when we have the time to drive out to Yum Yum (which is a lot further from where we live) we get there whenever we can.

The owner and her husband run the restaurant.  She cooks and he is the host with the most.  Kind and courteous, with an excellent memory for faces, he greets and seats the guests whenever he is in.  The waitresses are all sweet and helpful, and if there is something they cannot help with, he comes over and makes sure everything is right.

The restaurant is fairly new, and business is good, but they could do with more customers - so I definitely urge you to give this a try.

This restaurant has a flexible menu and they are great at working with allergies.  All of their ingredients are fresh, and everything is made from scratch.  I tend to be a bit less adventurous than Thomas, so once I find a favorite dish, it is hard for me to order anything else.   I usually get the Orange Chicken, with an appetizer of spring rolls.  Thomas has ordered all over the menu, often getting Laab with pork, and Tom Yum Gai with chicken.

Good news for spice lovers and spice haters - they are VERY flexible as to how hot you order things.  Warning though the difference between hot and Thai hot is exponential.  Do not get the Thai hot unless you really want to burn something off. Thai hot is hot enough that Thomas only gets it sometimes (and this is the man that picks thai peppers off the bush and eats them at work).

Now for the details: Their orange chicken is a crispy fillet of chicken breast, breaded and fried to perfection. It continues to be a bit crisp after the sauce is added, but it is never dry, and never greasy.  The sauce is sweet without being overpoweringly sweet, and they remember just how much Thai pepper to add to it for me.

The spring rolls are crunchy, and the sauce is sweet with a touch of Thai pepper.  The flavor is incredible, and Thomas is happy he can eat them.  They make them with chicken and vegetables and noodles and they are to die for.

I could not do the Laab or Tom Yum Gai justice, so Thomas will come back and post about those.

He Said:
This is one of our favourite places to go out. It is a hole in the wall place that delivers World Class food and service. Fine dining on a family budget.

Everything on the menu is great. I have tried everything that I can (Beef and seafood allergies suck) and have found it all amazing. Pad Thai, Laab, Tom Yum Gai, Spring Rolls... I just can't relate how good and fresh tasting the food is. The bulk of the peppers and other produce they use are sourced locally. So if you are a localvore, this is the place for you.

This Husband/Wife duo take their customer's satisfaction seriously and do everything they can to make sure that everything is right.  Their waitstaff and HusbandOwner keep your drinks filled and table cleared without hovering and the Wife/Owner runs the kitchen like I can imagine her kitchen at the house is. When She isn't cooking She'll come out and chat with the diners and make facetime (one of the things I look for in restaurants.)

If you like Thai food, go eat there. If you've never tried Thai food, go eat there. If you don't like Thai food, they have an excellent Chinese menu, go eat there!

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