Saturday, November 17, 2012

Join us December 7th for a Foundry Release party!

December 7th, the Finck's Cigar Factory Outlet store on West Ave is having a Release Party for General Cigars' newest blend, the Foundry

As usual the Finck's will provide beer and excellent company as well as great deals.

Thomas and I will be there, as we have been looking forward to this for months.

Be there or be square ;)


Oh, here are some pictures we took tonight at Tobacco Haus (they had some already for sale so we picked up a couple tonight -11/30)

The cigar is not burning oddly the Caylay size is an angle cut figurado. Very unique cigar with very unique flavors, it is like nothing we have ever smoked before.

Meet us at Finck's we will be there... with goggles on ( as in wearing some, not his daughter who goes by the nickname Goggles) anyways... see you there!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wok n Roll in San Marcos

Wok N Roll on Urbanspoon

Hello! Val here!

I am writing this one solo, since I am the only one of us who has been there.

I needed dinner before class one night, and I haven't been really impressed with a lot of the food around my college campus, so I whipped out my handy dandy phone and looked up somewhere else to eat. Wok n Roll caught my eye, and since it had a decent likability rating, I thought I would give it a try.

I have been there twice. Overall I would say it is pretty good, but best to get there during their happy hour specials before 6.

The first time I went, I tried a little bit of everything - I had edamame, beef teriyaki appetizer, a customized hand roll, and some sushi. Overall I would say the sushi is pretty good - not the best, but great for the price.  Note - the price is for 2 pieces.

However, I went a second time and the food was just as good, but it wasn't the happy hour and I paid about the same as the time before that, but with about half the amount of food.

I would say their prices are great during happy hour, but a bit high for the rest of the time.

The sushi is very tasty with good texture, the beef appetizer is tender and very well marinated, and they have melon ramune! It is a favorite of mine from when I lived in Japan for a summer.

The edamame needs some work - it is a little too firm.

The atmosphere is so-so - very cafeteria like. The pond is interesting, the way they use an upside down fish tank to bring up the water level, but overall the decor is kind of blah.

They supposedly have wifi, but I was unable to get it to work on my phone.

The service is usually polite, though the second time they brought me my sushi with no soy sauce, and I had to get it myself.

So if you are in San Marcos at lunch or before 6pm, this is definitely worth checking out.