Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lone Star Cigar Bash Overview... post 2


TomTom from Tomatoes to Tomatillos

We are looking forward to doing this again next year!

We went to the cigar bash with our friends from Austin - the folks over at Tomatoes to Tomatillos, and we joined up with other friends from the Cigar Club of San Antonio, which meets at the Finck's West Avenue store.  They are a great bunch of guys, and we enjoy their company.  

She said:
Where to start?  We had an amazing time and cannot wait for next year's Cigar bash.  It is rare I enjoy spending time in a crowded room with that many people all talking at once.  However the folks that gather around Finck's events tend to be good, salt of the earth type folks that even if you don't see eye to eye with them, you don't seem to have any trouble kicking back and agreeing to disagree while smoking some of  Finck's fine cigars.  

Cigar Rolling Demonstration from Finck's
Some people with the kind of success that the Finck family has had might be arrogant, but they are just as kind and salt of the earth as their clientele. Other cigar humidors might charge expensive membership fees, but not Finck's.  Every man and woman is welcome to sit down and enjoy a cigar in their tastefully decorated lounge, and that is a beautiful thing

The Location:
Pedrotti's North Wind Ranch was nice, but definitely decorated like a ranch for people to enjoy who have never seen a ranch before.  It was fun and hokey and cute, and a great place to hang out and have fun.  If you are looking for somewhere to have a party in San Antonio, I highly recommend it. 

Pedrotti was kind enough to give Finck's a discount on the site rental, and since the event was for charity let us smoke inside, which was nice because it was kind of hot outside. 

It took us a bit to figure out where to go, really it would be my biggest suggestion for next year - if it is at a big place with more than one entrance, have a few more signs with directions. 

There was a sea of people, everyone seemed to be having a good time.  We were hungry, so we went to get some food, bopping to the music that Fuego was jamming to.  

The Food:
The food was a great variety - chicken tacos, beef tacos (not really my thing), chicken wings that were rather tasty, some VERY good brisket sandwiches (sorry Thomas...), and different crudities and cheeses. There was a good variety of interesting desserts.  I want to find out who catered for them, the range and variety made for a buffet of food almost anyone could enjoy. There was water, iced tea, beer and wine for the guests as well as a cash bar. I enjoyed the margarita I had from the bar - very well mixed, and it went very well with my cigar.  

The Cigar Reps:
Thomas talking to the rep from Miami Cigars
After we ate, we went around to view the tables and see what the vendors were offering.  Too many deals to count.  I kind of felt bad for the guys at the Xikar booth - they kindly donated lighters for everyone, and there was a constant line for their table of people wanting their lighters filled.  

There were a lot of great deals, most at 25% off.  I might have bought more, but many of the cigars I haven't tried yet, and rarely buy a full box. Miami Cigars was there with their LaSirena - our favorite, but we just bought a box. 

 I didn't want to try a lot of my new cigars because there were so many people smoking I was afraid of missing out on the full flavor of them.  I ended up being tempted by a 5pk sampler from Fuente, it featured a barber pole Short Story, an Opus X, and some different types of Gran Reserva.  At Xikar, I grabbed a new punch, because the two-piece punches I bought all keep losing a piece.  Finally Casa Magna had a 3pack of Sanchos of their Colorado blend, and Thomas thought I would like those a whole bunch.  It came in a nice tin that will hold my new punch and lighter well, and they are just the right size for a short smoke break. 

The Cigar:
Imperiales - tasty, but a light draw...
Back at the table, I decided to try the Imperiales - Leon Jimenez- which was a donation from Miami Cigar.  It was the first one that came to hand, that wasn't one that I really wanted to try somewhere where the smoke wouldn't confuse my taste buds.  I had never heard of it before, so I was curious.  It had a great flavor, strong coffee notes, burned well as far as ash goes, but I had to re light it a couple times because the draw was so light.  Will definitely get more of these as they would make a nice morning cigar. 

As the night went on we had a great time with all of our friends, talking and chatting and smoking cigars.  

The evening:

Thanking the volunteers
At the end of the evening Bill Finck Jr. and his daughter Emily honored those who were in service or who have served in a way that made my eyes tear up (but I am sensitive like that) and then they called up everyone who volunteered from the cigar company representatives to store employees and others who helped out.  For me, that acknowledgement of everything that went in to making an awesome event just added a crowning jewel of class and graciousness to the whole endeavor.  

In summary, if you have a chance to go next year, take it.  This event is more than worth the money, and all proceeds go to charity, because that is how they roll. 

Thank you Finck's.  You honor your community and your country in the way you give back.  

He Said:
The Texas Cigar Bash was wonderful! I've never been to an event like this before so didn't know what to expect. I've been to customer appreciation event's thrown by the Finck's before though and knew it was going to be "Top Shelf" all the way. I wasn't disappointed at all.

When ticket sales started Val got us tickets for My Birthday. We had tickets 17, 18, and 19. I cornered Rosemary at the store and expressed a concern about the catering. (I have a beef and seafood allergy and it is hard for me to get good food at big events in Texas because they always have one or the other.) She addressed my concern up front and Emily e-mailed Val when the menu was set to assure us that there would be foodage available for me.

That is the kind of care that the Finck Family shows their regulars.

Getting the the Ranch was easy and parking was surprisingly easy. After a minor misdirection and winding up at a Lion's Club Luncheon we got to the Cigar Bash side of things. Check-in went smooth. Upon arrival we each got a rockin' Cigar Bash duffel with the cigars, a magazine, the Xicar lighter, and other stuff in them. It was a little overwhelming to walk into the main room and the sea of humanity that was there. It was like a Gun Show, but for cigars. We checked in with Dad and then went to check out all the Vendors there.

 All of these folks were selling their wares at great prices. Next year I'll budget to buy more. All of them had some great swag for box purchases and such.

After wandering around and chatting with folks we decided to hit the food room. There were a couple good looking cheese tables and salad bars with a Brisket/BBQ cart and taco bar. Everything was very tasty (Chicken tacos, Caesar salad, hot wings and bean & cheese quesodillas) and the dessert table was overloaded with all kinds of good stuff. The air of casual friendliness was very cool here. Folks asked to join our table and we all chatted like friends and we said our goodbyes.
Thomas with his Oliva Serie O - he gives it 2 thumbs up.

After hanging out and noshing we went back to the main room.

There were multiple drawing for some great door-prizes.

The Band Fuego rocked the house.

While there I smoked the Oliva Serie O from my duffel of smokiness. Nice full flavored stick with hints of spice. I tried Val's Imperiales. Very nice and tasty but with a very light draw.

Finck's and Fisher house Director
As the evening came to a close, Bill and family called the Director of the Fisher House up to explain about all the great work they were doing. They had all the Active duty, retired and prior service folks stand to be recognized and then called all the volunteers and vendors to the front to thank them.

Thank You to all the folks at Finck's   for a great time and all that you continue to do for our community.


  1. And don't forget Thomas's dancing debut!

  2. Haha - I haven't! His boss has my camera, left it over their place. He is supposed to get it for me today... then there will be pictures!