Friday, May 18, 2012

Cigar Review: Finck's - Travis Club Family Blend

We got this cigar at the Lone Star Cigar Bash, and smoked it at a friend's house later that evening.

Finck's describes the cigar as " full-bodied, rich combination of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long filler, Broadleaf binder and exquisite, silky-smooth Ecuadorian Shade wrapper."

She said:
The Travis Club Family Blend is a very well rolled cigar, the ash held on a long time before dropping.  It had a good draw, and was a pleasure to smoke.  The flavor was very earthy with strong mushroom notes, overall a somewhat complex flavor that is unique to any cigar I have ever tried.  I would say the strength was on the lower end of medium, but the flavor really stands out.

This is not on my list of all time favorites, but it is high on my buy for the occasional change of pace list.

He said:
This was kind of a surprise. Travis Club's are a decent cigar but are usually on the really mild side and I prefer a little bit stronger cigar. The Family Blend it a great addition to the Brand. It has a fuller flavor and just enough strength to make it a very enjoyable smoke. There was some hints of mushroom and earth, almost like a Padilla Miami, but not quite as strong.

This was a well constructed cigar and needed touching up only a couple time during the evening.

This is a solid addition to the Finck's Family stable of labels.

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