Sunday, June 10, 2012

Toraño Vault Blend A-008

At Finck's Lone Star Cigar Bash, the Toraño Vault Blend A-008 was one of the cigars that they gave out.

Many people have recommended this cigar maker to me, and I was excited to try it.

She said:
In the end I was a little disappointed. It started off very spicy, right at the edge of my tolerance.  I am not fond of peppery flavors. Though the flavor is very strong, the overall strength of the cigar is medium.  The flavor smooths out as you smoke it, with a somewhat pleasantly bitter flavor, like coffee grounds and dark cocoa.  While the cigar is enjoyable, it is more of an occasional change of pace than something I would want on a regular basis.  I would give it a 3/5.

He Said:
This was something I had been looking forward to. It came highly recommended by some of the guys at the lounge and finally a pain-free way to try it, as it had come in the grab bag for the Lone Star Cigar Bash.
Started off really peppery and spicy and just as I was about to put it down as to over the top it mellowed into a complex mix of earth, leather, and just a faint hint of spices. It was well constructed but and pleasant to smoke, just didn't seem to fit the hype I had heard. May try it again, but at the price point of this guy, there are others I prefer. 

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