Sunday, June 10, 2012

Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Cigars

June 6th Finck's hosted an event for Drew Estate Cigars and Joya de Nicaragua. 

Naturally Thomas and I went, as we are both fond of some of the Drew Estate lines such as the Undercrown.

I got there early, as Thomas had work. I ended up being rather anxious, as the rep had brought a couple cigars that Finck's didn't carry, and I had never tried before, and one of them looked GOOD. They were being given away with purchase, and I knew I wanted to try one.  I would have purchased one, but they weren't for sale.

The representative and Finck's offered some good deals.  Buy 3 cigars, get 1 free.  Buy 5 cigars, get 2 free. Buy a box of cigars, get a baseball cap and 8 free cigars. Hmmm. Buy a box?  Could be good, the only other box we have bought was of fairly strong cigars. I called Thomas and was asking him about Joya de Nicaragua, as the Undercrowns are also strong flavored, and if he was going to buy us a box I would prefer it be something that was more of a day to day smoke.

Eventually we settled on a box of Joya de Nicaragua Antaño cigars with a criollo wrapper in the Grand Robusto size.  They are a size we both like, and smelled really good.  Thomas has had this blend before in the Grand Perfecto size and liked them a lot. We decided to try the Criollo wrapped ones that day because we had a whole box and the room was rather smokey, so decided it was best not to try something we only had a few of. 

All the hats are belong to me.

Ok - I must admit - one of the hats was really cool and I wanted it - a cute green box cap.  For the bonus cigars we chose 4 Undercrown since Thomas likes them and then 4 of the other cigars - the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño el Martillo with dark corojo wrapper.Oh! They had a raffle and I won!  I don't think I have ever won anything at a raffle before so I was excited.  It was just a cigar ashtray, but it was a cool ashtray and in my favorite colors.

She says:

The cigar had a nice light brown wrapper, and the pre-draw was firm. It burned fairly evenly, and was a very pleasant smoke.  The cigar was on the milder side of medium, with a mellow blend of coffee, earth and leather flavors, nothing was really dominant.  I imagine it would go well with coffee as an any time of day smoke.

Overall, this is going to become a regular in our collection, as I think it is complex enough for experienced smokers to enjoy and mild enough for new smokers.

My prize. 
Our purchase
He Says:
Finck's pulls off another Well Done Event...
Drew estates and Joyo de Nicaragua, and as Val says above, great deals and hard decisions.

I love the Undercrowns but had never had the  Antaño el Martillos. So was overjoyed (at the time) that she had made the call to split the freebies between the two. After this Saturday, though, I wish we'd had made the call to make all of them the  Antaño el Martillos. See blog review for the whys.

At the lounge we wanted to enjoy the cigars from our new box, the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño. They are as good as I remember. Upper end of mild to medium body and strength with a really great toastie flavor. Perfect cigar if you have to drive home.

Thank You to Finck's and all for another great time.

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