Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Cute Cupcake Boutique

She Said: So today I was driving "Goggles", Thomas's daughter, home from school, I thought I would surprise her with a treat.  Over by Olmos Perk cafe is a line of little restaurants and boutiques in boxcars, one of which contains a pink shop called One Cute Cupcake Boutique at 5257 McCullough Ave. SATX 78212. We decided to go there and try out some cupcakes, and bring one home to Thomas.

The shop is rather small, with a couple of comfortable couches inside, and a couple chairs outside.  The outside is pink, and rather perky looking and the inside continues the pink theme, with a large chalkboard behind the counter with menu items and prices, and a curtain blocking off the kitchen area.

We were greeted by Lori Hernandez, who is co-operating the shop with her own business, Oh Yeah Cakes.  She has been sharing the shop for the past 6 weeks, and has a truly impressive photo album of different cakes she has made.  For the store front, her cakes are simple, and delicious looking.  We had our heart set on cupcakes, so we promised to return for cake at some point.

Lori is very friendly, and told us about One Cute Cupcake Boutique, as well as some of the other businesses in the area. She recommends the deli next door as well as the hot dog stand.  She told us that Maritza Verazzi, owner of the boutique, was on Cupcake Wars (and because we apparently live under a non-cable watching rock - we had never heard of the show).  Still it was a lot of fun talking to Lori.

There were several different flavors.  The store must be popular because part of the case was empty.  Still there was a wide selection, and ultimately unable to decide, I decided to throw myself on the grenade and try two cupcakes, you know...for science and all.  I picked out a third cupcake to bring home to Thomas and Goggles picked out one for herself.

Undecided, I chose to try the French Toast cupcake and a caramel chocolate cupcake.  Goggles got a Rocky Road cupcake, and we picked out a snicker-doodle cupcake for Thomas.  The cupcakes were 3.25 each, and are on the small side, but with fairly sizable toppings. Cake slices are 4.00, and they also have cake bites and other types of products for special order such as cake push pops (like the ice cream, but with cake) and cupcakes in a jar.  Maritza makes 80 different flavors, in rotation, with some being special order only.  Lori makes a wide variety of custom cakes to order, and her range of artistic cake expression is impressive.

I had the french toast cupcake first.  Like a kid, I have to lick the frosting before I eat the cake part and Oh my! The frosting is just sweet enough and was dusted with spices like cinnamon, and I believe, nutmeg.  The cupcake itself tasted like someone poured french toast out of a blender and into a cupcake.
I next tried the chocolate cupcake with caramel and was a little disappointed.  It was moist and tender and well flavored, but I was hoping for more caramel.  I am not fond of chocolate cake by itself.

Goggles had her cupcake gone in moments, so I assume she liked it a lot.  Thomas will be by later this evening to post about his cupcake, as he just walked in the door from work.

Overall, the cupcakes were some of the most moist and tender cupcakes that I have ever eaten. There were very few crumbs, and a rich flavor.  I would say they are worth every penny. And for the love of all that is beautiful, try the French toast cupcake.

The other - She said: Here is "Goggles'" opinion from her blog: "Oh my gods, they were to die for! I chose a rocky road cupcake, which had mini marshmallows, almonds, and lots of chocolate on top of a German chocolate base. It was very tasty. The best thing yet, was that it was a locally owned shop..."

He Said:
You gotta love it when you've had a rough day at work and get bushwacked by your girlfriend with a cupcake at the front door!

After putting down the handfuls of stuff I had picked up on my afterwork errands I sat down for dessert first, before dinner.

Val had gotten me a snickerdoodle cupcake. It was medium-ish in size and while attractive, not overly frosted or decorated: White frosting with a light dusting of sugar and spices on top. While the body of the "cuppy" was light yellow.

Being a big fan of cupcakes I knew what to do first. You dive for the frosting! Sweet without being cloying while just enough "grit" from the coarse sugar to give it an interesting texture. So, sugar and some spices made the frosting great, the body of the cupcake was a bit underwhelming. I can see where the baker was trying to strike a balance of bold and background, but the "cake" part was, "meh". Being the end of the day it may have been a little dried out, refrigeration may have made the flavors a bit muted, etc.

Overall, it was a nice cupcake, but not deserving the reaction of Val and Goggles. It blows the doors off of most store bought cupcakes, but for me the bar is really high on desserts. Maybe I'll try something chocolatey next time?

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