Sunday, April 22, 2012

CAO Earth Nectar

This one is just from Val's point of view.  Thomas does not often smoke flavored cigars.

I tried the Earth Nectar from CAO the other day, it was a gift from a friend.  I love their Caramelo Joe, it is wonderful for in the morning with coffee.

I was unfortunately not very happy with the Earth Nectar.

Positives: It burned well and is very well constructed. The ash held together really well.  Normally I love tobacco from Nicaragua.

If you really like the Kuba Kuba by Acid (Drew Estates) you might like the Earth Nectar, as there were some similarities in the flavor profile.

Negatives: The wrapper was overly sweet, a very syrupy sweetness that was cloying and did not blend well with the rich Nicaraguan tobacco.  The flavor of "Earth Nectar" is not something that I could identify.  It tasted very artificial to me, and generally I prefer to have a flavor with a definition, such as coffee - I know what coffee tastes like, so I can judge how well I can taste coffee.

I think I have just moved on to liking a more earthy cigar, so I can't blame it on the cigar itself.   I think it just doesn't fit the profile of cigars I enjoy anymore.

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