Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cigar Review: Oliva Serie G Figurado

The Oliva Serie G Figurado:
From the website: Serie G is a medium body blend made with authentic African-Cameroon wrapper. The unique flavor notes of this wrapper are complimented by the natural richness of Nicaraguan Habano fillers. Blending notes: Medium body with notes of cedar and coffee.
Wrapper: Cameroon (African) Binder: Cuban-Seed Habano Filler: Nicaraguan Habano
We were visiting with Thomas' son this weekend, and decided to bring along some cigars.  We thought it would be fun to review this one as it would make a nice short smoke, while we hung out after breakfast.

She says:
The figurado shape is a little odd for me, I tend to smoke robusto.  The cigar smelled nice before lighting it.

We were enjoying it with a morning cup of coffee out in the breeze, not a bad way to spend a late morning.

My first impression was the draw itself.  It was like trying to drink a milkshake that is too cold.  A pin would have loosened it up, but I didn't have one on hand.  The flavor was a nice medium, it is excellent for day time, not sure it would be my first choice in the evening.  The flavor for me was mostly leather, which is that Nicaraguan filler tobacco for you (I love Nicaraguan tobacco). Behind the leather was a subtle earthiness with hints of coffee.  At point it had the slightest hint of spice/peppery flavor, but it was very faint.  I did not notice much cedar to the flavor, despite the description.

I rate it as an enjoyable smoke.  The figurado shape was a bit strange for me, and it took some getting used to.  The wrapper flavor intensified as the cigar narrowed towards the end, and I found that it just got too hot to smoke and had to stop smoking it a little earlier than I would have liked. It was beautifully made, no unraveling or getting bits of tobacco in my mouth. It burned very well with a fairly solid ash, and rarely needed a touch up.

Overall I would give the blend a solid 4 stars out of five.  I would probably prefer the robusto version of this cigar and will try that one next time.  I will definitely buy this cigar again, the tobacco blend is fantastic, it makes for a good every day cigar.

He Says:
We went up to see O for his birthday and to see my Father-in-law, too.

It was kind of a breezy morning but the temperature was just right for hanging out on the porch after breakfast.

These are a nice little figurados from Oliva. The cameroon wrapper had nice hints of earth and leather before lighting and the pre-light draw was nice and leathery with just the right amount of hardness on mine, Val's was kinda hard.

One of the things I like about ths shape is the ease of lighting. Just get the little tip evenly lit and it burns even up the swell of the cigar and is usually maintenance free and these were no exception.

The flavor stayed leathery with just an occasional mild hint of spice.

The construction of my cigar was perfect. Solid white ash with very little flaking and it didn't ash till I was about 1/3 of the way through it.

These were a nice short smoke that went well with good company and coffee.

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