Monday, May 27, 2013

Cigar Review - Tatiana Mocha

Val Here -

So continuing our enjoyment of cigars given out during the Lone Star Cigar Bash, we decided to try the Tatiana Mocha flavored cigar.

My feelings on this cigar are mixed - Thomas and I overall are not the biggest fans of flavored cigars, so do keep this in mind as you read the review.

Before I lit it, it had a good draw and appeared to be well made. The pre-light draw had nothing that remided me much of mocha coffee, tasting more like chocolate milk.

After being lit, the cigar had a clear draw and a dark grey, brittle ash.

I kept going through love/hate bouts with the cigar - at times it tasted like a bolder cigar, with the tobacco flavor apparent, and other times I was overwhelmed with perfumed smoke. You can taste the tobacco more clearly than in other flavored cigars, but not in a way that is overwhelming. At other times the perfume flavor gets so strong it is just unpleasant. In the end I had to put the cigar down after the perfume flavor/note wouldn't die down.

This is not a cigar I would choose to smoke again. If I had to smoke a flavored cigar, I would try the CAO Caramello Joe

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