Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Cigars I have enjoyed

Hello Folks!

Graduate school has had me hopping busy, but I wanted to tell you about some cigars I have really enjoyed lately - to be honest, not sure how "new" they are, but they are new to me!

The top of that list is the Emilio Draig K.

I will post a photo later, but the cute dragon on the wrapper got my attention. Knotwork and dragons are not images I often see on cigar wrappers.

The flavors were earthy and complex, with a subtle sweetness and notes of crushed coffee beans and bitter cacao. Very nice and I definitely plant to buy more. Usually the smaller ring gauges are not my cup of tea, but I am all about this cigar.

The next one is the Viaje Honey and Handgrenades Shank.

The bright red wrapper caught my eye (I bought them on the same day - such a magpie sometimes)
the cigar burned smoothly, with a sweet honey flavor with subtle herbals almost. I was expecting something spicier with "handgrenade" as part of the title. It had a nice medium strength and the flavor profile was subtle and changeable enough that it kept my attention the whole time. I would say that it might not completely fit its name, but it was a very enjoyable smoke all the same. I especially liked the mild spice flavors, almost tea like.

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