Friday, September 21, 2012

...And We're Back!

Val here!  Sorry about the long absence - things have been crazy here at the house - trying to get it in order because we celebrated my 10th anniversary of living in Texas!

It has been a long strange trip, and I love my family and tribe.

School has also been busy I am assisting an Art History professor on top of graduate classes, but I am learning a lot. It is worth it, but it does sometimes mean silence from us here.

Thanks for sticking around - wow! Over 3000 page views! Thanks everyone!

We have some great posts to look forward to. Tonight we were at Finck's on West Avenue for a Pinar Del Rio Cigar event with Abe Flores. We have reviews for the newer location of Schobel's, Pho Hai An and the La Gloria Cubana Artisenos de Miami. Stay tuned for more!


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